We are thrilled to announce that our membership of Accord Australasia has been approved!

Accord is the peak national body representing manufacturers and suppliers of hygiene, personal care and specialty products, their raw material suppliers, contract manufacturers and service providers.

Our membership in this industry association strongly reflects our commitment to be a responsible industry player.

Accord is an integral component in industry innovation and sustainability. They aspire to ensure that the hygiene, personal care & specialty products industry is committed to playing its part in meeting the social, health and environmental challenges of importance to the overall wellbeing of the Australian community through innovation.

Accord also proactively develops sustainability initiatives that promote the significant positive social, environmental and economic contribution of our industry and its products.

At Mera Chemicals, we are one of the largest manufacturers of antifoam and defoamers in Australia.   We have over 20 years’ experience in research and product development within many different Australian industries. We are delighted to bring our years of experience to Accord, and to find so many colleagues and friends already on the membership list!

We are looking forward to becoming a valued member of their community and sharing in the benefit of their strategic forums, networking events, industry advocacy and collaborative information sharing.

You can find more about Accord and their initiatives here.