Mera Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser
(with complimentary scented sanisiter)

Our public place portable and touchless auto sensor hand sanitiser dispenser’s come with or without white powder coated floor stands. They are stylish, sturdy and maintain workplace hygiene to help everyone stay safe.

With our compliments:
When purchasing a dispenser receive a complimentary 250 ml liquid sanitiser with added essential oils of your choice. Choose from lemongrass, sweet orange, lavender, lemon, lemon myrtle or peppermint.


Sanitising dispensers can be quickly setup. We have freestanding base or wall mounted options:

•  1Litre Automatic Dispenser (Refillable)
•  On/Off Switch
•  Easy to refill
•  Dispenses liquid and gel Sanitiser
•  Dispense adequate amount of the antibacterial liquid automatically
•  Gel dispenses approximately 1.33ml:750 dispenses per litre
•  Liquid dispenses approximately 1ml: 1000 dispenses per litre
•  The Cartridge has a 1200mls capacity with 1ml pre-set dosage each time it dispensers.
•  UV disinfection
•  Sensing distance 8-12 sensing distance
•  Dispensers are operated with 4 x C Batteries (Batteries not included)
•  Replacement keys available $3.00 +GST
•  Sensors must be cleaned regularly so the nozzle does not become blocked. (Instructions provided)

White Powder Coat Stand

• Easy to assemble, durable stand comes in a subtle design to suit any space
• Can be easily mounted to the floor or left as a portable station
• Does not require main power or plumbing
• Lifetime warranty on stand
• 1250mm high with a 400mm x 400mm base.
• Tray can also be a bottle holder/drip tray.
• Instruction label included.

Order direct from us either unscented or scented 1litre essential liquid or gel sanitiser for all dispensers.

Our certified Organic Essential oils can be added to the liquid or gel sanitiser at no extra cost, this gives a wonderful refreshing scent. Choose from lavender, lemon, lemongrass oil, sweet orange or peppermint oil when placing your order.


Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser
Free standing $245.50+GST
Stand alone. $ 99.50+GST

Remember to add 1 litre sanitiser to use with the dispensers, choice from 70% or 80% Liquid or Gel

Gel 1 litre -$17.55
Liquid 1 litre -$16.55

Gel 1litre – $16.55
Liquid 1litre – $15.55

Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser

Suitable for all environments, bathrooms, kitchen, office, meeting rooms, hotels and other settings.

Nice design, eco-Friendly/Economic material benefit

Easy use for adults and children

Touchless IR sensing

Silent Operation

Smart Sensor

Energy Saving

Mute Motor

USB Charging

Scientific hand wash sanitiser

$36.50 each.