Leading Supplier of Silicone Antifoam

Mera Chemicals is one of the leading suppliers of silicone antifoam solutions for a wide range of Australian businesses. Our silicone antifoam product is made right here in Australia.

Silicone antifoam is a preventative product and is added to the process to prevent foam occurring and knocks down foam from building up. In layman’s terms, it is a chemical product that is essential in solving the problem caused by foam.It destabilizes tiny foam bubbles by weakening the wall that supports them. The antifoam makes the small bubbles join up to become bigger foam bubbles which burst over time and disperse.

Silicone Antifoam can be used in food processing or drink manufacture and a wide range of industries such as chemical processing, paper production, fermentation, solvent production, textile manufacture, and waste treatment.

The chemical magic of our Australian Made silicone antifoam product means that for a small additional cost, in so many industries, applications and processes, not much works without it!

If you have a foaming problem in your business, we can help. Get in touch and we can provide a sample silicone antifoam product or help you with a bespoke solution. Don’t lose valuable product due to excess foam, talk to us today.

The applications of silicone antifoams

Silicone antifoams are amongst the most efficient products used to control production foaming issues.  This selector guide describes a complete line of Mera Chemical Silicones antifoams which have been found particularly useful in many applications.

In selecting the best type and quantity of silicone defoamer, each application must be considered separately. In addition to the primary differences of the non-aqueous and aqueous system requirements, there are differences in the same process when formulations are changed.

Some of the factors are:

Chemical nature of the foam foaming agent
Foaming tendency of the agent
Solubility and concentration
Electrolytes, colloids or other surface active agents present
Temperature, pH and viscosity of the system
Processing equipment involved
End use of product containing the antifoam
It is therefore best to evaluate several antifoams in each system to determine type and concentration needed to assure optimum results.

Uses of silicone antifoams

silicone antifoam for use in coal processing


Coal is washed creating masses of foam, an antifoam application can control this and also be absorbed in an environmentally friendly way.

silicone antifoam for use in potato processing


Antifoams help stop the starch foaming caused from washing thousands of kilos of the humble potatoes are washed.

silicone antifoam for use in textile processing


Defomers and antifoams can be used to solve textile industry foaming problems.


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    • Avatar R Mac ★★★★★ 3 years ago
      Hi Angela
      I just wanted to thank you and the staff for your care and professionalism in delivering an effective and great smelling hand sanitizer 🙂
      It’s not often that you come across a business that really cares about its clients and
      … More does everything it can to ensure the client has not only received the product on time but is also really happy with it.
      This is a testament not only to your high level of business ethics but also a strong commitment to delivering high quality products.
      Thanks again
    • Avatar Maria. Siteman ★★★★★ 2 years ago
      I have been using Mera Surface Liquid Spray Sanitiser for the last two weeks and i am loving it. it if fantastic in removing Gel Hand Sanitiser build up from all surfaces including doors, printers, keyboards, cupboards, light switches ect … More ect. also I had the lemongrass essential oil put into the product and is smells so good. well done Mera a great Australian product that kills 99.9% of germs.
    • Avatar Mandy Lewin ★★★★★ 3 years ago
      Excellent local company for Australian-made products. When buying sanitisers, customers can choose from unscented or a selection of essential oils. I asked about the possibility of an alcohol solution without glycerol to use for my masks … More instead of my hands, and both Angela and John, the lead chemist, spent lots of time clarifying exactly what I required. John even called me to check whether I preferred ethanol to the isopropyl I asked for, explaining the difference between the two. Really lovely people and affordable, Australian made sanitisers that I trust.
    • Avatar Rosemary Fethers ★★★★★ 3 years ago
      Mera Chemicals provides excellent, locally made, bulk antiviral/antibacterial sanitiser and disinfectant required for Covid disinfecting. Essential oils make it smell really nice! The staff couldn’t be more helpful and access is easy.
    • Avatar Cameron Pepper ★★★★★ 2 years ago
      We were almost out of sanitiser and the previous fly-by-night supplier had shut up shop. Angela and the team at Mera Chemicals to the rescue! Three business days later, a delivery to our clinic in regional Vic arrived on our doorstep. … More Thanks so much, guys!
    • Avatar Rachael Sorpreso ★★★★★ 2 years ago
      Great service and locally made right here in Melbourne! Fantastic service.
      Hand Sanitiser is perfect for little hands and all surfaces. I highly recommend.
    • Avatar prabhdeep Singh ★★★★★ 2 years ago
      First great thing this is Australian made product.we are potato chips manufacturer from Melbourne, we used to see lot of foam in washing ,de skinning and cutter tanks nd changed many de-foamers for last 2 years.were looking for right de-doamer … More for long time but since we met John ,Foaming is thing of past and i have almost forgot there was foam at one time .its been nearly year product is working perfecty and service is also great .
      john is the man 👍👍

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