Defoaming Solutions for Cement & Construction

Cement Defoamer for the Ideal Concrete Density

Do you have a foaming problem in your cement business? You might be making cement floors, cement adhesives or even cementitious paints. If you need help to get foam and air bubbles under control for your Australian cement business, then you are in the right place.

Mera Chemicals Antifoam solution is an additive you use to ensure that you can control any foam created as part of your cement mixing or pouring process.

Our concrete Antifoam solution is added to a cement slurry in the blender during mixing. It helps to prevent air getting trapped in the slurry or foam forming trapping tiny air bubbles. Air caught in the cement slurry can have a negative impact on the density of your cement job or the finish of your final cement product. Mera Chemicals cement antifoam is designed by our expert chemists to reduce foam in most cement systems

We provide foaming solutions to concreters and concrete product manufacturers across Australia with a high-quality defoaming and antifoam product range.

Foam can be a problem for producers of cement and Concrete Finishers at a couple of stages of their process:

  • during the mixing of the concrete slurry
  • when pouring cement floors
  • when mixing or pouring concrete adhesives
  • when mixing or pouring cementitious paints


Why do you need to remove the foam from your concrete slurry?

Master craftspeople and experienced concrete professionals know that:

  • foam causes an increase in slurry viscosity
  • foam impacts the density of your concrete
  • air bubbles can cause an increase in the volume of your slurry
  • foam can reduce the time it takes for your slurry to thicken


How Does Mera Antifoam or Defoamer for Cement Work?

Our defoaming product suitable for cement production is a chemical-based non-silicone defoamer that works by reducing the surface tension of the foam in the slurry.

The benefits of using a Mera defoamer are:

  • Prevent air pockets and air bubbles in your concrete
  • Decreases the foam formation in your concrete slurry
  • Improve density and strength in your finished concrete product
  • Reduce the risk of pump cavitation
  • Improve the accuracy of your concrete slurry density readings
  • Improve your equipment capacity
  • Disperses easily into most concrete systems
  • Easy to use – just add to the slurry before mixing or pouring

To find out more about our Australian made defoaming solutions for the concrete industry, get in touch. Request a product data sheet or product samples to try for yourself.


Mera Chemicals Product Range for Cement & Construction


Application/ProblemRecommendationDose %
Cementitious adhesives, motars etc.N1000, D853M, D8570, ND1205, PES-4B0.1-0.3%
Self-leveling cement flooringN1000, D5015, D853M0.3-0.5%
Particulate boardsD1740, DPC, N900, N10000.02-0.05%
Cementitious paintsD1212, D12, N10000.1-0.35%
Formulations containing superplasticizerN1000, D853M, D8570, ND1205, PES-4B0.1-0.3%