Defoamers for Sugar Processing

Discover how Mera Chemicals can help you eliminate foam formation with our high-quality antifoam products designed for the Australian sugar processing industry.

Sugar processing is a large scale industrial biological process that involves the shedding of proteins because of agitating, mixing, and pumping huge volumes of liquids around.

There are often tonnes of foam generated in this process that needs help being controlled.

The production of sugar involves the use of a variety of ingredients including bacteria and yeast.

Foam that is created during the process of sugar production and can cause a variety of issues, from reduced production efficiency to loss of product, and even equipment damage.

This is where our defoaming and antifoam solutions come in.

Defoamers and antifoams are used to prevent foam from forming or to break down existing foam. These solutions work by reducing the surface tension of the liquid, which prevents bubbles from forming.

When foam forms on the surface of the liquid, it can create a layer that reduces the efficiency of the production process. This can lead to reduced yields and increased costs. In addition, foam can cause overflow, which can result in the loss of valuable product.

Defoaming and antifoam solutions are used to address these issues. These solutions can be added to the liquid to reduce the surface tension, preventing the formation of foam. If foam has already formed, antifoams can be added to break down the foam and prevent it from causing further problems.

These are our bespoke defoaming and antifoam solutions designed for the sugar processing industry.

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Defoaming and antifoam solutions are essential for maintaining efficiency and reducing the loss of product or risk of damage to equipment in the sugar processing industry. The choice of solution will depend on the specific needs of the production process, including the type of equipment being used and the ingredients being processed.

Don’t let foam get in the way of your sugar related product. Trust our expert defoaming solutions to keep your manufacturing or extraction processes running smoothly.

We can even send our expert team to your site to take samples, test your products and raw materials to help you come up with a bespoke defoaming solution uniquely suited to your manufacturing process.