Defoamers for adhesive products

Discover how Mera Chemicals can help you eliminate foam from your adhesive products with our high-quality antifoam products.

Are unwanted foam and bubbles causing problems in your adhesive production process? Our defoamer and antifoam products are specially formulated to address foam-related challenges in the adhesive industry.

The Foam Menace in Adhesive Production

Foam may seem harmless, but in the adhesive industry, it can be a serious problem. Excessive foam formation can lead to various issues, including inconsistent product quality, reduced output, and increased production costs. Bubbles trapped within adhesive formulations can compromise bonding strength and cause uneven application, resulting in end products that struggle to meet industry standards.

Why Choose Our Defoamer and Antifoam Solutions?

Tailored Formulations: Our defoamer and antifoam products are meticulously engineered to tackle the unique foam challenges faced by the adhesive industry. With years of experience, we’ve developed formulations that effectively break down and inhibit foam formation, allowing you to achieve consistent adhesive quality.

Enhanced Efficiency: By incorporating our solutions into your production process, you can significantly reduce downtime caused by foam-related issues. Improved process efficiency translates to higher output, reduced wastage, and a healthier bottom line.

Product Integrity: Bubbles trapped within adhesive products can compromise their functionality and longevity. Our defoamer and antifoam products ensure that your adhesives maintain their intended properties, providing reliable performance in a range of applications.

Expertise and Support: Our team of experts understands the complexities of the adhesive industry. We provide technical support to help you seamlessly integrate our solutions into your production process, maximising their effectiveness.

Applications of Our Defoamer and Antifoam Solutions

Whether you’re manufacturing pressure-sensitive adhesives, construction adhesives, or specialty adhesives, our defoamer and antifoam products have you covered. They are suitable for a wide range of adhesive types and can be easily incorporated into various stages of your production process.

These are our bespoke defoaming and antifoam solutions designed for the adhesive industry:

Application/ProblemRecommendationDose %
GELATINE GLUEN900, N1000, D853M0.02-0.05%
STARCH, DEXTRINE, CASEIN etc.D1212, D8572D0.1-0.2%
P. V. ALCOHOL, CMCD5015, N900, N10000.1-0.3%
NATURAL RUBBERD850, D5015, N10000.1-0.3%
P. V. ACETATES AND COPOLYMERSD853M, N1000, D8570A0.1-0.3%
ACRYLIC POLYMERSN1000, D8570A, D8572D0.1-0.3%
SBr LATEXD12, N1000, D853M0.1-0.3%
NON-AQUEOUS D858A0.3-0.5%

Stay Ahead with Our Industry-Leading Solutions

In the competitive adhesive industry, staying ahead requires innovative solutions that address production challenges head-on. Our defoamer and antifoam products offer a strategic advantage, enabling you to produce high-quality adhesives efficiently and consistently.

Don’t let foam-related issues hinder your adhesive production any longer. Contact us today to learn more about how our defoamer and antifoam solutions can revolutionise your production process and elevate your adhesive products to new heights.

Reach out to us today to discover how our antifoam solutions can benefit your adhesive production and operations.