Antifoam Products for Fermentation

Discover how Mera Chemicals can help you eliminate foam formation with our high quality products for fermentation.

Are you looking to improve your fermentation process? At Mera Chemicals we offer high-quality antifoam and defoaming products that are specifically designed to prevent foam formation during fermentation, ensuring optimal conditions for your production.

Our antifoams are safe and effective, designed to eliminate foam-related issues that can cause process interruptions and loss of your precious product.

At Mera Chemicals, we understand the importance of ensuring the smooth running of your fermentation process, and our antifoams and defoaming solutions are formulated to provide reliable performance across a wide range of fermentation systems.

Whether you’re involved in beer brewing, wine making, specialist food processing or even pharmaceutical manufacture we have a range of antifoam products that are tailored to meet your needs.

We offer antifoams that are suitable for use in both high and low viscosity liquids, providing the right solution for your specific application.

Why Should You Use Mera Chemical Antifoam and Defoaming Products?

At Mera Chemicals, we take pride in our commitment to providing high-quality antifoam and defoaming products and excellent customer service. We offer fast and reliable shipping, so you can get your antifoam products when you need them.

If you have a foam problem in your fermentation process, then you are in the right place. In the table below, you can discover the formulations we recommend for specific fermentation processes. If a tailored solution is required, ask us about our in-house experts, who can evaluate and formulate the most efficient product to solve your foaming problem.

Our product data sheets and samples for testing are available on request.

Application/ProblemRecommendationDose %
YEASTD5100, C271, PES-4B0.02-0.05%
ANIMAL FEEDD3(FG), DFI-3M0.002-0.01%