Fatty acid esters are the natural alternative to mineral oils for use in:
Lubrication, Metal-working coolants, Quenchants, Hydraulic fluids,
Chemical processing Soaps and detergents, Plastics, Food processing.

Natural oil based products generally have many advantages over mineral oils, including, lower volatility, better inherent lubricity, higher viscosity index, higher bulk modulus, better fire resistance, better solvency and are biodegradable

Butyl oleate
Butyl stearate
Cetyl stearyl stearate
Coconut diethanolamide
Di-2-ethyl hexyl phthalate
Di-2-ethyl hexyl sulfosuccinate
Dicetyl pthalate
Diethyl stearates
Ethyl castorate
Ethyl cocoate
Ethyl laurate
Ethyl oleate
Ethyl ricinoleate
Ethyl stearate
Ethylene glycol distearate
Glycerol monooleate
Glycerol monolaurate
Glycerol monostearate
Glycerol trioleate
Isooctyl stearate
Methyl castorate
Methyl cocoate
Methyl laurate
Methyl oleate
Methyl ricinoleate
Methyl stearate
Methyl tallowate
Myristyl myristate
Octyl stearate
Oleic diethanolamide
Polyethylene glycol oleate
Potassium cocoate
Potassium laurate
Potassium oleate
Propylene glycol oleate
Stearyl stearate